Clean Public Safety Building

Clean Public Safety Building or CleanPSB is a CORE initiative designed to help mitigate occupational hazards and associated health risks that our First Responders face.

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Experts in Construction

Our skilled team will excel on every project. CORE’s experience in building a variety of structure types is an asset to our clients and allows us to provide exceptional service no matter what you choose.

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CORE is the fifth largest school builder in the nation, having completed over 20 million square feet of K-12 construction. Constructing quality learning environments is the first step toward helping future generations succeed.

#2 Public Safety Builder

With years of experience and a passion for serving those that dedicate their lives to public service, we are proud to be ranked as the #2 Public Safety Builder in the U.S. by BD+C.


CORE has installed over 63 million kW of solar for 150+ national sites. We construct for the future of our communities, our people, and our environment.


CORE’s initiative to go completely digital allows us to embrace innovative technical practices, while eliminating all paper usage.


We believe a quality living space is the foundation for a happy life. CORE constructs superior senior living communities, so seniors can enjoy their retirement with peace of mind.

When Disaster Strikes, We Respond

CORE is committed to recovery when disaster strikes. We are playing an active role in the Baton Rouge, LA rebuilding process after it was ravaged by widespread flooding.

Trust is the foundation of every great project

Anything designed to last must have a strong foundation. With a solid support, a building can stand tall for decades, and, with exceptional construction, that building can serve as a pillar of community pride for generations to come.

For a company to stand tall for centuries, it, too, must have a solid foundation. At CORE Construction, our foundation is built on trust. Every project begins with team members who have unwavering trust in one another, allowing CORE to operate as a unified group. Together, every CORE team member works collaboratively to deliver construction services that meet the needs of our clients and the needs of the communities we are privileged to serve.

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Core Culture

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Safety At Core

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A Rich History Rooted in Trust

CORE Construction’s founder, Otto Baum, set the tone for our culture. At the age of 21, Otto immigrated to the United States from Germany with a simple but bold goal: to build enduring structures with integrity. With those same objectives in mind, Otto’s children went on to grow the company into a nationally-recognized, respected leader in the construction industry. Throughout the firm’s growth, Otto’s hard-working, humble, and honest approach to construction has shaped our values and contributed to the thriving company we are today.

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