Large Business
Firm Name: CORE Construction, Inc.

The Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire must be completed and returned with your Proposal. This questionnaire is applicable to firms that provide services as well as those that provide goods.

Arizona State University’s vision is to be environmentally sustainable while expanding our education, research, and community support programs. The University seeks suppliers who share our sustainability vision. Accordingly, please answer the following questions.

To each question please provide at least one of the following types of responses:

  • An explanation or description
  • A URL of your policy or program

An electronic copy of your illustrative policies or programs must be provided if requested.

If the question does not apply, answer with N/A and provide an explanation as to why.


1. What is your firm doing to be energy efficient?

Reduction, Reuse, and Recycle: CORE seeks to use products that limit damage to the environment. On an ongoing basis, we refine, reduce, and eliminate products that are proven to be environmentally unfriendly or unhealthy for our employees, our community, and our planet.

  • We utilized low flow water devices in our restrooms and kitchen area, and auto motion shut off for lights throughout our offices.
  • Replaced disposable cups, utensils and flatware with reusable materials and containers
  • The use of rechargeable batteries.
  • On the operations side, a variety of online and digital tools which allow us to provide paperless workflow alternatives for our employees and clients. We encourage double sided printing and copying.
  • Encourage less printing and more electronic alternatives (such as eFax and email)
  • We also recognize the importance of responsibly managing our waste stream. We have recycling receptacles for paper, glass, aluminum and corrugated cardboard. Employees support our sustainability mission through grassroots efforts to recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, office paper, and home computer equipment.
2. What are your firm’s annual greenhouse gas emissions in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent? (Enter total metric tons of CO2 equivalency [includes the following GHGs: CO2, CH4, N2), SF6, HFCs and PFCs])

This has not been calculated.

3. What plan is in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future?
  • Step One: Put in place a greenhouse gas emissions management plan.
  • Step Two: Set goals for lowering emissions.
  • Step Three: Assemble a group to manage the plan.
  • Step Four: Meet regularly with our group and monitor our progress.
  • Step Five: Consider a greenhouse emissions audit from an expert, if needed.

Solid Waste

1. What is your firm doing to reduce waste to landfill?
  • Recycling material waste
  • Refilling ink cartridges
  • Rechargeable batteries
2. What is your firm’s annual waste to landfill generated in metric tons? (Enter total metric tons)

This has not been calculated.

3. What plan is in place to reduce waste to landfill generated in the future?

Please refer to question 1.

Water Waste

1. What is your firm doing to reduce water waste?

Low flow devices on faucets and toilets.

2. What is your firm’s annual water waste in gallons? (Enter total gallons)

This has not been calculated.

3. What plan is in place to reduce water waste in the future?

Please refer to question 1.


1. What is your firm’s plan to minimize packaging and/or describe your firm’s packaging “Take Back” program?

Please refer to question 1 under “Energy”.

2. What kind of reusable, recyclable, and/or compostable packaging materials does your firm use?

We utilize 100% and 30% post-consumer recycled paper in our offices.

3. What does your firm do to encourage/require your suppliers to minimize packaging and/or use reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging materials?

We specify recyclable products and packaging if available and we work with both suppliers and service providers to identify opportunities.

Sustainability Practices

1. What programs does your firm have to encourage your employees to use alternative transportation while commuting to work and travelling locally?

Rideshare program and carpool encouragement.

2. What sustainability guidelines or environmental statement does your firm have to guide the firm as a whole?

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvements in the community we do business and create a clean and safe place to work.

  • Emphasize continuous environmental improvement.
  • Promote reuse, reduce and recycling.
  • Commit to communicating sustainability and interaction with employees, business partners and clients
3. What are your firm’s sustainable purchasing guidelines?

We utilize 100% and 30% post-consumer recycled paper in our office and well as refillable ink cartridges. We specify recyclable products and packaging if available and we work with both suppliers and service providers to identify opportunities.

4. What kind of position(s) or team(s) does your firm have dedicated to overseeing sustainability initiatives?

CORE has an internal sustainability task force that are responsible for maintaining recycling procedures. They are also responsible for provide clear and visual signs and labels for different waste bins (i.e. general, glass, paper, etc.). Our task force also researches alternative recycling opportunities on a regular basis.

5. List the sustainability related professional associations of which your firm is a member.

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

6. What kind of effort does your firm make to reduce the use of environmentally harmful materials?

CORE’s treatment and disposal of special items, materials and waste is carried out and in line with local laws and regulations and conducted in a way that causes the least harm to the environment.

7. Has an environmental life-cycle analysis of your firm’s products been conducted by a certified testing organization?


8. Does your firm use Green Seal/EcoLogo certified or biodegradable/ecofriendly cleaning products?

When available.

9. Has your firm been cited for non-compliance of an environmental or safety issue in the past ten years?


10. Name any third party certifications your firm has in regards to sustainable business practices?

Not Applicable.

11. Describe any other initiatives your firm has taken to integrate sustainability practices principles into your operations.


1. What charity, community development, educational programs, or environmental programs is your firm involved in within your local community?

CORE is routinely active in various charity programs, community and educational programs.

2. What educational programs does your firm have to develop employees?

CORE offers continuous training to it’s employees on software, technology and client service.