Job Order Contracting


Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a project delivery method utilized by clients to procure numerous commonly-encountered construction needs quickly and easily for a wide variety of renovations, repairs and construction projects under one contract.


By using this construction-based method to procure construction services, you can drastically cut down on cost, time and inefficiencies inherent to small, fast-track construction projects. Emergency repairs, facility maintenance, and other high-priority construction needs can be completed, from the moment the need is recognized in less time than it traditionally would take to even hire a contractor. Additionally, you're able to hire larger contracting firms that have the resources and industry-leading tools that come being one of the largest builders in the nation for their smaller projects.

Benefits of JOC

  • Build Long Term Relationships

  • Fast track delivery method

  • Transparency

  • Best Practices Deployment

  • Minimizes Procurement Time & Cost

Types of Projects

  • Education

  • Public Works

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Commercial

  • Multi-family

  • Industrial
    And more...

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The Results of Going Above and Beyond

CORE's culture of safety has helped us achieve several safety milestones and impressive results for our clients.

  • 2500+ JOC Projects Delivered

  • 500+ JOC Education Projects Completed

  • $111 smallest Purchase Order

  • 48 hours – Average response time