Core Services

Local Presence, National Resources

Generally, you have two options when selecting a construction partner. You can choose a local team but sacrifice the resources of a national organization, or you can choose a national builder but sacrifice the local touch. At CORE Construction, we believe you should have the best of both worlds. Our team is committed to delivering the high-quality services of a nationwide leader, while using a local workforce to create customized buildings that meet your needs and strengthen the community.

Quality Services, No Matter the Project

Delivery Methods

CORE offers Design-Bid-Build, Design Build, Construction Manager At-Risk, Job Order Contracting, Program Management, PPP, and Negotiated services. Our experienced and knowledgeable team specializes in providing exemplary service on every project, no matter the delivery method.


A project’s success hinges on how effective the Pre-Construction process is, and we take every step to ensure ours is the best in the industry. From budget, to schedule, to aesthetic goals, we collaboratively, comprehensively, and successfully manage Pre-Construction to provide our clients best value.


Every CORE project must meet our Operational Excellence standards for Safety, Quality, Scheduling, Cost, Subcontractors, and Clients. Through our OPEX program, we ensure that we are meeting and exceeding expectations, delivering high-quality projects, and solidifying trusting, long-lasting relationships.

Program Management

CORE recognizes that some projects or clients may require a broader range of services, which is why we also offer full program and construction management from conception to completion. CORE will manage the design and construction teams and ensure adherence to standards and alignment with the vision.

Disaster Services

We are committed to offering our skills and resources to provide assistance for those affected by disasters. We have aided sixteen FEMA projects, and focused time and effort rebuilding homes and schools in Louisiana, both after Hurricane Katrina and the floods in Baton Rouge.

Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a project delivery method utilized by clients to procure numerous commonly-encountered construction needs quickly and easily for a wide variety of renovations, repairs and construction projects under one contract.

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Virtual Construction

Every project has unique risks, and the best way to minimize those risks is Virtual Construction. Through visualization techniques, virtual mock-ups, clash tests, laser scanning, and more, we help eliminate guesswork, keep the project on time and under budget, and ensure the building meets all of your goals.

Digital Plan Room

In CORE’s Digital Plan Room, our construction teams leverage tools such as Bluebeam to document and track real-time project progress throughout the building process. Our digital approach provides all stakeholders with better information, visuals of the project status, and instant access to project feedback.


Our goal for each and every project is to have zero incidents and zero accidents. Achieving this goal requires not only putting standard safety measures in place, but also building a culture of safety awareness that is focused on being proactive and continually improving our safety programs, practices, and processes.

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Building on Technology for a Better Future

Continuous Improvement is one of our core values, so we are constantly seeking out new technologies and practices that will help increase quality, save time and money, and minimize risk. Learn more about our dedication to innovation.