Core Safety


Nothing is more crucial than the safety of our employees, building partners, and clients. The protection of people, property, and environment is a core value of our business philosophy. Our daily goal is to send everyone home safely, and we plan and manage for that. We recognize we are accountable for protecting people, and develop our safety culture around the importance of this foundational imperative. Because of our dedication to safety, we have maintained our commitment to zero incidents, zero injuries.


  • All project site supervisors are OSHA 30 trained. They are experienced in identifying existing and predictable hazards, and are empowered to eliminate and mitigate unsafe conditions and behaviors.

  • Site specific safety orientation is required for all trade members.

  • Interactive Safety Workshops are facilitated for our employees, building partners, and clients to communicate CORE's safety culture and expectations.

  • Our Safety program is led by our national and local safety professionals who support and educate for continuous safety improvement.


  • Every trade is required to provide a DAHA, which breaks down each task, makes considerations of potential hazards, and develops a plan to mitigate any hazards in order to perform the job safely.

  • Employees of all levels are expected and encouraged to use open communication to keep everyone safe and prevent incidents and injuries.

  • Risk Management committees meet regularly to review Lessons Learned, develop new safety processes, and identify solutions for both common and unique safety challenges.


  • CORE’s on-sight management conducts daily safety observations through SafetyNet. This allows them to collect, track, and analyze leading indicators to implement procedures for preventing injuries before they occur.

  • National and local Stand Downs are held to refocus all workers’ focus on safety. This empowers our workforce and reinforces management’s and supervisors’ commitment to safety.

The Results of Going Above and Beyond

CORE's culture of safety has helped us achieve several safety milestones and impressive results for our clients.

  • Reached over 2.5 million man hours without a single lost time accident on a single project

  • Maintain a Superior Experience Modification Rate (EMR) rating

  • Received several AGC Safety Awards

  • Participate in the OSHA Alliance Program