Excellence Is Our Standard

At CORE Construction, our dedication to Operational Excellence sets us apart. Operational Excellence ensures the success of each and every project and guarantees that our clients receive the very best services in the industry. From better project planning through Virtual Construction, to better project management through our Digital Plan Room, to sustainable on-site practices, our pledge of excellence is all-encompassing and second to none. Partner with us on your next project.

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Our goal on each and every project is no incidents, no accidents. From our Daily Activity Hazards Analysis (DAHA) reports, to our consistently low Experience Modification Rate (EMR), to our daily site inspections, we act as stewards of safety for the benefit of our clients, our communities, and our team members.

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We build to plans and specifications and to a quality that exceeds our client’s expectations. Our dedication to quality results in no re-work and complete project satisfaction. For us, there is no greater reward than seeing the efforts, labor, and dedication of a unified team come together in a high-quality building that meets the needs of its owner and occupants.



At CORE, our team balances quality work with schedule adherence. We commit to protecting your investment and to delivering a successful project on or ahead of schedule. With our scheduling software and professional personnel, there is no project too fast-tracked for us to accomplish. We ensure the timely delivery of each and every project.



We thoroughly manage all construction costs, and complete all projects within the guaranteed maximum price. The effort displayed to reach a guaranteed maximum price is performed utilizing the most professional Pre-Construction and Virtual Construction services in the industry. We always deliver on time and within budget.


Trade Partners

Every CORE project is completed by qualified and skilled trade partners who care as much about Operational Excellence as we do. We work with the best subcontractors in the industry, and collaborate with our clients in order to select the most qualified trade partners for each project.



Success can be measured in many ways. Here at CORE, we measure ours on client satisfaction. By maintaining complete trust, working collaboratively with you as a team, and delivering the highest quality work, we achieve success by ensuring that you hire us back time and time again.

CORE has demonstrated a commitment to very high standards of construction while understanding the needs of the users and has provided excellent services while bringing the projects in on time and within budget.

Joseph H. Bartlett Maricopa Community College District

Working with CORE over the years, I have observed their focus on detail and providing a timely and quality project. Along with their professionalism and proficiency, we consider CORE to be one the premiere construction companies in the United States. We look forward at every occasion to include CORE Construction in all of our developments.

Don Paxton Beneficial Communities

CORE exceeded expectations in being proactive and forward thinking throughout the construction duration. The result was a fine project well below our original budget value and open to the public, ready to service the community exactly when we needed it.

Terance L. Williams City of Dallas Public Works and Transportation

All Star Electric, Inc. has had the good fortune of working with CORE Construction on many projects. Their commitment to integrity, fairness and relationship development has proven to be an invaluable asset to both the customer and the subcontractor.

Todd P. Trosclair, Sr. CEO All Star Electric