Disaster calls. We answer.

At CORE, our focus on disaster recovery is a reflection of our focus on people. We are a local company with national resources, which becomes even more evident in times of need, as we rebuild the communities that we both work and live in. We use our skills and resources to rehabilitate homes, schools, and community buildings that have been devastated by disaster. As a company, we believe it is important to support and provide recovery for our people and our communities in crisis.

Bringing Communities back to life

We have actively assisted in sixteen FEMA projects, reviving homes and schools after both Hurricane Katrina and Southeast Louisiana’s 1,000-year Flood of August 2016. We are currently the prime construction company on the “Restore Louisiana” program, on which we anticipate renovating over 1,000 homes in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

New orleans

After Hurricane Katrina, we rebuilt many schools in New Orleans, especially in the 9th Ward and other majorly affected parishes. We worked with the people directly: the school principals and the people in the community that would be using these buildings. Our job, after Hurricane Katrina, was to provide safe, quality buildings for people to work and learn in as quickly as possible.

Chalmette high

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Chalmette High School beyond operational use, and in order for learning to continue, a new facility was needed. As a quintessential part of the St. Bernard Parish, the school needed to be functional as quickly as possible after the storm. Life doesn’t stop in the wake of disaster. We are flexible in our ability to work in occupied campuses. While construction was underway, the school was still operating, with students, teachers, and administration continuing to work and learn.

We approach disaster recovery with care

CORE utilizes three central areas of focus to provide thorough and effective disaster recovery and help communities get back on their feet.


Disaster Recovery is not about fixing buildings, it’s about helping people. As members of the communities we work in, we understand the necessity of empathy in the support we provide. When we repair homes and buildings, we are repairing a community.


Our first priority is to build safe, quality, and reliable places for people to live and work. Especially in moments of crisis, we strive to create a safe place for people and for their belongings as we aid in the restoration of a building.


It is important that we are swift and precise in our assistance. Time is everything when you are working to secure the safety and living conditions of families after a disaster. The continuation of education is critical in times of crisis, and CORE is experienced in constructing in occupied campuses, restoring a facility while learning continues.

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