CORE in the News: Former Sun Devils Living Championship Life with CORE Construction

10.04.17  |   Tempe, Arizona

TEMPE, Ariz. — Emerson Ward amassed so many applicable work skills while he was a Sun Devil student-athlete that when Valley-based CORE Construction charged him with hiring employees, he went back to that familiar and bountiful well.

“I want to say this as humbly as possible, but I saw value in my own development as an athlete,” said Ward, a project director at CORE. “We are asked to balance training 20-plus hours a week, traveling to other schools during the season, competing at one of the highest levels of our sports, while also achieving in the classroom with full college course load and management of our daily lives.

“I believe being an athlete teaches a lot of helpful skills and develops a solid work ethic.”

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* photos provided by ASU.