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CORE in the Community

06.21.16  |   Nationwide

At CORE, we define ourselves as a local company with national resources.  We have fourteen offices around the country, surpassing 1,200 employees, who are all dedicated to building their communities, one structure at a time. For example, our people in the New Orleans office are active participants in their community, making exceptional efforts to develop the city after Hurricane Katrina, not just structurally, but culturally.

Building communities is a focus of all the employees at CORE, from the presidents to the workers on our job-sites. We realize that we are not just building structures for our clients, but for every person that will use them. For every kid that will go to school there, for every family that will live there, or for every person that will spend forty hours a week working within its walls. These buildings are not just jobs to complete, they are where life happens. Everyone at CORE knows our work is about people, about community.

“I love the heart that our people have for the NOLA community. Take Mr. Robinson, who lives near the school we were building. His home was completely destroyed by Katrina. Our team took notice, and one Saturday, on their day off, they donated their time and talents to help rebuild Mr. Robinson’s home.” – Doris Victoria, Director of Marketing / CORE Construction – Louisiana

“All of the people that work here, live here. We’re involved. We’re just proud to be a part of that for the community, to be able to provide that state-of-the-art school, that will allow for the children of the community to be educated.” – Brad Roberts, President / CORE Construction – Louisiana

What makes CORE so unique in our approach is our commitment to trust. Specifically, we believe working with integrity and fairness is vital to working in service of a community. The people at CORE strive to develop relationships that are based in a foundation of trust, whether these relationships are between team members, with our subcontractors, our clients, or with the people who will be using the facilities we build. Communities can not thrive without trusting relationships, and at CORE our goal is always to help communities grow.

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